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Philosophy & Objectives

Our Philosophy

Knowlton Fine Arts (KFA) is a Christian non-denominational homeschool group drawing participating families from across Northern New Jersey, New York and Northeast Pennsylvania. We exist to develop excellence in arts and music in our children. We are parents and guardians committed to educating our own children in a Christian environment and meet regularly for our mutual support in this endeavor. While respecting the autonomy of each family school, our purpose is to share ideas, materials, experiences, information, to offer social and comprehensive learning opportunities for our children, and support member families. Collectively, we represent many denominations, but we intend that all of our activities and interactions be clearly consistent with Biblical principles.

Our Objectives

A. To offer a high-quality, affordable education in the arts that will accommodate all skill levels and be beneficial to the entire family.

B. To encourage love for God and growth in character, by providing a safe, nurturing environment, where Christian teachers, students, and parents may freely share their faith.

C. To offer opportunities for the development of social skills, graces, teamwork, and cooperation.

D. To offer some enrichments classes as needed between Fine Arts classes.