Knowlton Fine Arts Homeschool Co-op “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (Psalm 19:1)

2020-2021 Request Visit

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We offer tour dates and a QA time each month.  We do have a limited amount of space in classrooms and sometimes can accomodate guests in the classrooms.  If you are simply interested in our tour option, you may sign up on our calendar.

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Are you looking to come for a visit and tour?  The following questions help us best place chilren in the classrooms.  If you personally would like to observe a class or two, please let us know your top choices.

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Please place any requests for parent observation that might differ from the children's choices. (if desired).

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Who will be coming with you?  Sometimes we have parent(s) tour and other times children as well.  We want to try an accomodate our guests as best as can.  It can be a long time for younger children.  You may wish to have them bring a snack and quiet activity.  Older children are welcome to bring school work.  If they like they can attend tour or sit in with study hall if they prefer during the Q&A.  Interested teens would most likely get the most out of our tour and QA.

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Please list names and ages of those visiting.  Mark in parenthesis to indicate parent or attending adult. ex:  John and Mary Smith (parents)

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If we have a calendar opening, are you interested in coming to shadow for a day?  If so, please let us know names and ages of who you are requesting to stay.  Generally, a parent will visit along with the younger children.  If space is an issue in a class, or you wish to be nearby with out actually being in the class, we can place a chair outside the door.  Older children might be comfortable enough to attend a full day schedule on their own.  As a parent, you may also wish to visit some of the classes yourself.  If so, also let us know the class(es) you wish to visit while on site.  We will do our best to accomodate requests.

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Please select up to two dates you wish to attend co-op.  We have tours the first Friday of the month.

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September 7 October 5
November 2 January 18
February 1 March 1
April 5
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Please provide us with your email so we can confirm your visit.