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New for the 2017 School Year:  Please see our Science Cohort offerings on Wednesdays.

Enrichment classes vary each year, but cover a wide array of subjects.

Enrichments are classes that are taught by parents who volunteer to teach each year. These classes are available free of tuition charge and are used to fill out the student’s schedule  of fine arts classes. Various subjects in past years have included foreign languages, math, science, literature, writing courses, speech, home education classes, drama, logic, history, and social studies. Some classes may carry a materials fee.  Parents are informed of this expense at the time of registering for enrichment courses.

Students choose their enrichments of most interest to them. Obviously, parents can direct students in this process, but it is important that students are willing to do the homework assigned were applicable. Each teacher determines the amount of homework for their class based on what is necessary. Often the subject matter determines the level of homework assigned. Some enrichment classes will have little to no homework, while others will require more. Students are informed of  homework level before registering for enrichment classes.

If you are interested in teaching an enrichment course, please fill out the Commitment to Teach.