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Art Program

Our rich art program exposes students to a range of techniques and art forms using a variety of mediums such as watercolors, tempera paint, pastels, markers, print-making materials pencil/charcoal, dry media and multiple clays including ceramic.


A101    General Art

A102    Basic Drawing

A103    Pottery

A201    Basic Watercolor

A202    Beginning Acrylics

A203    Sculpture

A301    Advanced  Drawing

A401    Advanced Art



  1.  Materials used in Fine Arts classes may include secular sources. Every endeavor is made to select material that is appropriate for our students. The final decisions will be left up to the Fine Arts Board.

  2. Most fine arts classes having a materials fee will generally be $25.00 per class.  In some cases, such as the pottery class, the fee will be $35.00 allowing the purchase of tools, glazes and clay.

  3. Students in 4th – 12th grades must attend a minimum of two (2) Fine Arts classes to participate in the Fine Arts Co-op. 


A101 General Art  / Open to all students, 4th–12th grades

This is a traditional art class using a variety of mediums such as watercolors, acrylic paint, pastels, print-making materials and pencil/charcoal. We introduce students to a range of techniques and art forms. Emphasis will be on the practical application of the basic elements of art and increasing student skills. This hands-on class is an opportunity for creative expression with increased drawing instruction.


A102 Basic Drawing  / 5th–12th grade

An introduction to the basic techniques of drawing. Students will learn to observe and record what is seen by the  human eye. Learning the correct approach to drawing will help the young artist to slow down and see ordinary objects differently.


A103 Pottery / 4th--12th grade

Students learn to wedge, coil, glaze, use slip, and fire artistic pieces as they learn the skills to turn clay into practical and beautiful works of art.  Over the course of the year, students make items like tiles, mugs, bowls, and whimsical gifts.


A201 Basic/Intermediate Watercolor  / 5th–12th grade and permission of instructor

An introduction to the basic techniques in the use of watercolor paints. Students will learn the basic composition of the objects within their paintings, study scale and color theory, wet on dry, wet on wet, masking areas, and more as time allows. Pre-requisite: A250 Basic Drawing


A202 Beginning/Intermediate Acrylics  / 6th–12th grade

An introduction to acrylic paints, which are similar to oils but not as messy. Students will learn the basics of composition, color blocking & blending, and shading of objects in this opaque medium. Tabletop easels and a selection of brushes will be used. Pre-requisite: A201 Basic Drawing


A203 Sculpture / 7th - 12th grade and permission of the instructor

An introduction to sculpture beginning with a three-dimensional work of art modeled in clay and followed in second semester with a study done by applying clay to an armature.  Students research and sketch their own choice of subject and also do reports on related famous sculptors.  This course encourages students awareness of form which naturally enhances their drawing skill.  Pre-requisite: A201 Basic Drawing


A301 Advanced Drawing  / 7th–12th grade and permission of the instructor

An independent study-depth study of the many drawing techniques used by all artists to observe and record what is seen by the human eye. Learning the correct approach to drawing will help the young artist to slow down, see ordinary objects differently and notice details often overlooked. It will also provide a firm foundation for future ventures into other mediums. Pre-requisite: A201 Basic Drawing


A401 Advanced Art  / 7th–12th grade and permission of instructor

An independent study in the continuing course in the use of watercolor or acrylic paints aiming to refine the student’s skills and help develop a personal style. Prerequisite: A201 Basic/Intermediate Watercolor or A202 Beginning/Intermediate Acrylics