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Music Program


Our enriching and robust music program offers instrument lessons, band and orchestra, and vocal instruction.



M102             Woodwind Lesson
M103             Brass Lesson
M104             Percussion Lesson
M105             String Lesson
M106             Guitar Lesson
M141             Piano
M201             Band
M221             Introduction to Band/Music
M301             Concert Choir
M302             Voice Lesson


Students in 4th – 12th grades must attend a minimum of two (2) Fine Arts classes to participate in the Fine Arts Co-op.

PLEASE NOTE:  Materials used in Fine Arts classes may include secular sources. Every endeavor is made to select material that is appropriate for our students. The final decisions will be left up to the Fine Arts Board.



Instrument Lessons

Students in 4th–12th grade learn how to play and care for their instruments in a small group setting. Choices of instruments include all woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings. Instruments may be rented or purchased through various sources. Students must have their own music stand. Practice 30 minutes per day. Private lessons at the fine arts program are only available as teacher schedule permits.

Current classes offered also include:  guitar/ukulele, viola, violin, and cello.  Please refer to primary program pages to see offerings for our youngest students.


Choosing An Instrument

For a more complete description of instruments and to listen to sound clips,
please go to the website.


M102 Woodwind Lesson  / Open to all students, 4th–12th grades

All woodwinds, except for the flute and piccolo, produce their tone through a reed attached to the mouthpiece. Woodwinds require both the right and left hands to be involved with the fingering of notes and will tend to play the higher melodic and fast moving lines in the band music. Woodwinds include:  clarinet, flute, saxophone, oboe, and piccolo. Students must rent or purchase their own instruments.  Co-requisite: M201 Band


M103 Brass Lesson  / Open to all students, 4th–12th grades

The brass instruments use a metal mouthpiece against the lips to produce a tone. Aside from the trumpet, which will often play the melody in the band, the lower brass instruments create the brass section necessary to a full sounding band. Brass includes: trumpet, french horn, trombone, and tuba. Students must rent or purchase their own instruments. Co-requisite: M201Band


M104 Percussion Lesson  / Open to all students, 4th12th grades

The percussion instruments make sound by striking one object against another in a rhythmic pattern. Both hands are used to hold sticks or mallets. Percussion instruments are vital to a complete band. Percussion includes: snare drum, and the bells (a large xylophone). Students must rent or purchase their own instruments. Co-requisite: M201 Band


M105 String Lesson  / Open to all students, 4th12th grades

The string instruments produce their tone from a bow being moved across the strings. They are available in different sizes to suit the size of the student. The program emphasizes bow control and music reading. String students will play with the orchestra when appropriate playing and reading levels are reached. String instruments include:  violin, viola, and cello. Students must rent or purchase their own instruments.


M106 Guitar Lesson  / Open to all students, 4th12th grades who have some experience playing guitar and can read notes and/or tab.  Students should also know basic chords.  

In this class, students will learn and practice playing as a group, melody and harmony, rhythm and strumming in a relaxed group setting. The guitar class will perform at both concerts.

Students must bring their own guitar, tuner and music stand


Band Program

Band and Orchestra are the performance groups for students who play instruments. Students are encouraged to move to a performance group as soon as they have reached the appropriate playing and reading levels. All Band and Orchestra students must be taking lessons during the academic year, either at Fine Arts or privately. First year lesson students will spend the 1st semester in an Introduction to Band class that will cover various topics to help prepare these students for participation in the band. These students will participate in the spring concert only.


M201 Band  / Open to all students, 4th12th grades

Students taking instrument lessons play standard band literature together in preparation for two concerts per year. Emphasis is on the development of teamwork, musicianship, and musical interpretation. 

Co-requisite: M102, M103, or M104 Instrument Lesson or private lesson


Vocal Performance and Instruction

Students will learn good vocal technique including posture, breathing, tone production, diction, intonation, and expression. Sight-reading and music theory are taught systematically, with the goal of developing independent musicians who understand the elements of music.


M301 Concert Choir  / Open to all students, 4th–12th grades

Students will receive instruction in the performance of music in three and four part harmony with accompaniment. They will perform in two concerts per year.


M302 Voice Lesson  / 4th grade and up, by audition only

Students will focus on vocal production and technique in a small group setting. 

Co-requisite: M301, Concert Choir

Second Instrument

Not every student has the maturity or time necessary to practice more than one instrument. Therefore, in order to sign up for a lesson in a second instrument, the student must obtain permission from the Fine Arts Director. There will be no discount on lesson fees for additional instruments.


Insufficient Practice Policy

In the event a student does not practice his/her instrument as often and diligently as recommended by the lesson instructor, a letter will be sent to the parents stating there is a problem. If a parent receives three letters, the student will lose the privilege of continuing in both the group lesson and the corresponding performing group. If the student obtains private lessons and catches up to the level of the group, the instructor will consider reinstating the student into the group lesson and the performing group, based upon a short audition/assessment.