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Dr. Elizabeth Pearce To All Instructors

God designed us to make and enjoy music from the very beginning; that there is music in the world reflects His heart of beauty, love, and transcendence. Music connects us to His heart and to one another, often helping us express what cannot be said in words. We use music to worship our Creator, to celebrate the joys of creation and to help us grieve and lament as well. We also love music because we can simply have fun with it! I hope to bring each of these musical "purposes" into our choir classes this year, helping our students to reflect on God's design for music and to participate in each of these ways.

My own musical journey began when I was just three years old, with piano lessons from a wonderfully talented and passionate teacher. I took piano lessons through my teenage years, eventually pursuing training from Grove City College professors in both piano and organ before I graduated high school. I took up clarinet in fifth grade as well, participating in school band, marching band, church orchestra, district and honors bands, and school and community theater orchestras. In college, I was invited to accompany the Grove City College Touring Choir on piano for three years, touring with them and rehearsing five days a week. Through this experience, as well as accompanying vocal majors for their private lessons and recitals, I learned something of vocal/choral performance and choir directing. Once married, as we began to grow our family, I enjoyed leading the children's choir at our church to help our youngest covenant members raise their voices in praise. I've also directed the adult choir at our church for seasonal special music in worship. I continue to play the piano just about every week for morning and/or evening worship at our church, alongside several other talented pianists.

When I'm not making music, I spend most of my time homeschooling our three children and managing a Christian mental health group practice in Washington, NJ. Working as a Christian psychologist is incredibly fulfilling, as I have the opportunity to incorporate God's Truth from Scripture alongside God's wisdom from the "natural sciences", that is what psychology has to teach us about God's design for human emotion, thought, behavior, and relationships. What an honor to come alongside people, to learn their stories and walk with them toward healing and wholeness.

What else gets me excited? I love learning and marveling at God's Word and God's world! I love food (I've never met a cuisine I didn't like - one of my favorites is Thai!) I enjoy getting outside when I can, bicycling, hiking, exploring nature, playing games and doing puzzles; and I relax with my family and two cats during my down time. (What is that??)

It is my great joy to lead students at KFA in how to use their voices to express what is in their hearts. Especially worship of our great Creator, but also simply to have fun and celebrate the gift of music and singing as a group!

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