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KFA Parent Contract

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  1. We/I as the parent(s) attending KFA promise to fulfill our responsibility and commitment to KFA by faithfully executing the volunteer duties and contributions to which we have agreed.

  2. We/I understand and acknowledge the stated mission philosophy of KFA.

  3. We/I realize that KFA is not a replacement for parental instruction but an enrichment and supplemental program for the benefit of home educating families.

  4. We/I agree to have at least one of us present and available at all times during the KFA classes that our child(ren) are participating in. 

  5. We/I will keep apprised of our child(ren)’s conduct and progress by communicating frequently with the teacher.

  6. We/I acknowledge our God-given responsibility to discipline our children. When informed of any behavioral problem we will properly discipline our child with the goal of ensuring compliance with the standards of student conduct set forth by KFA.

  7. We/I acknowledge that we will be financially responsible for any property damage done by our children in or around the church building.

  8. We/I promise to resolve disputes by dealing with the person or persons involved in a spirit of forgiveness and restoration without criticizing them or KFA using the guidelines established in the Peacemakers Pledge.

  9. If we/I profess Christ as our Savior, we will pray for Knowlton Presbyterian Church, its students and staff.


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