Enrichments at Knowlton Fine Arts broaden the experiences of all the students.

With such a wide palate of enrichments to choose from every year, it is no wonder that students and parents alike eagerly await next year’s offerings!

The dizzying array of classes available to older (4th–12th) students this year included: Hebrew, math, fiber arts, yearbook, computers, beginning sewing, anatomy & physiology, cooking, SAT prep, adventure/survival skills, civics, chemistry lab, physical education, and drama.

For homeschooling moms who find themselves wishing they could teach their students more (and possibly worn out from all they do already!), KFA parent enrichments put the power of shared education to work for both moms and students. They’re a wonderful example of how Christian community works, allowing us to accomplish more together than we could individually—while allowing us to be somewhat sane at the end of the week!

2012–2013 enrichments are now available.  Please contact us to have the list sent to you.